dehydrating trials and errors

So I’ve had my dehydrator for about a month now and I have to say there have been some pretty interesting results!
Good things:
– because items are dehydrated at low temperatures they are still considered raw (if they went into the dehydrator that way to begin with) and maintain their nutritional value
– you can add some nice flavours to nuts (ie; tamari, garlic, chili flakes, honey) and they’re still nutritious
– raisins and cranberries (I made sure that I blanched them in water to burst their skins before dehydrating) are a lot cheaper if you do them yourself
– kale chips are amazing and much cheaper to make as well (they are however so delicious you may find yourself eating a whole head of kale in one night while watching a good movie!)
– dehydrating is a great way to have fresh herbs on hand, I find now that I dehydrate and store them I no longer have to discard wilted refrigerated herbs
– dehydrated kiwis are delicious!
Not so good things:
– dehydrated chicken livers for dog snacks really stink! (but dogs go cuckoo for them)
– dehydrating can take ages, so time accordingly, I’ve had things in my dehydrator for days (ie; cranberries)
– dehydrators are big and take up a lot of room

My dehydrator is from Lee Valley Tools on King St. between Spadina and Bathurst and cost $60.
It’s a pretty good entry level dehydrator to determine if it’s something you want to continue to do without spending the money to purchase an Excalibur.