day 1 of my parasite cleanse

Juglans nigra

Black Walnut (be thankful I’m not posting a picture of a parasite!)

Did you know that the WHO (World Health Organization) estimates that 95% of North Americans have at least one form of parasite.

Spring is the perfect time to cleanse and as parasites are most active at the start of a full moon (April 6, according to my Moon Phase iPhone app), I started my cleanse this morning.

I would have started yesterday, but had a bit of a malfunction grinding my cloves and filling my own capsules – all sorted now!

I decided to do a parasite cleanse for a number of reasons:

  • my dogs swim in Lake Ontario
  • they eat raw meat and bones
  • they have dog germs and they’re only too happy to pass those along to me in the form of kisses
  • I’ve had post nasal drip in my left nostril for a year and a half
  • I have weird joint pain, only in the middle fingers of both hands (you know the fingers you use to flip the bird) and am not able to fully straighten those fingers
  • I had a live blood cell analysis done and was told a parasite cleanse would be a good idea for me.

I’m going natural and using wormwood, black walnut hulls and cloves.

Week 1 I am to take 30 drops of black walnut and one capsule each of wormwood and cloves, with apple juice, 3 times per day, on an empty stomach.

I’m juicing my own apples so I’ll be going through a lot of apples.

It’s been about an hour since I took my first round and I’m feeling pretty good – no stomach upset.

Stay tuned – I’ll keep you posted on my progress.