quick and easy homemade ‘ice cream’ in a mason jar

NutriSue - ice cream in a jiffy!

This really is quick and easy. Plus kids love this project because they get to make the ‘ice cream’ and then eat it! You really should give this a try. It’s worth it to see the looks on kids faces … Continue reading

freshy, fresh juice in cucumber cups

NutriSue - juice in a cucumber cup

What fun I had the other day doing a juicing workshop at a daycare. The kids, aged 15-months to four and a half, were super excited to work with the big machine that was going to make juice for them. … Continue reading

tomatoes, tomatoes tomatoes!

mini tomato pizza

What’s better than enjoying the first tomatoes of the season? Enjoying them with beautiful, smiling kids! This past Sunday at the kid’s nutrition table at my farmer’s market, I prepared pizzas for them to put together and enjoy. These mini … Continue reading

how to get your kids to drink more water

Getting kids to drink more water might be a cinch if it was a beautiful colour like this magenta-tinted water.
And it’s all natural! No artificial anything.

Here’s how I do it:

Fill your container of choice 3/4 full with water (I like mine filtered).
Use some beet juice left over from juicing or grate half a small beet (save the grated beet for salad).
Add the grated beet to a small glass of water and swish it around a bit to release the beet’s colour.
Using a strainer and a funnel, pour the tinted beet water into your container of water.

That’s all there is to it!
This has been kid tested – they love the stunning colour and always ask for more.

You could also tint your water with a little red berry juice, but I think the kids love grating the beet and watching how it magically tints their water.