pan-fried Jerusalem artichokes

I just love Jerusalem artichokes. I don’t have them often, not sure why – I should really eat them on a regular basis. They’re nice grated in a salad or steamed and mashed with a little olive oil, but once in a while; they’re good fried too!
Jerusalem artichokes are also called sunchokes and have been grown in North America since the 1500’s. They’re not part of the artichoke family and  taste similar to potatoes, but are a bit sweeter.
They’re high in potassium, magnesium and fiber and are a good source of iron.
Jerusalem artichokes are one of the best sources of inulin that you can add to your diet. Inulin is a type of starch that is broken down by your body differently than other starches. Inulin helps keep blood sugar stable and as such, foods rich in inulin are beneficial for individuals who have diabetes. Inulin also supports healthy bacteria in your stomach and colon.

fresh, raw Jerusalem artichokes, scrubbed and sliced into 1/4″ thick slices

1 tbsp coconut oil

garlic cloves, sliced

coarse sea salt

In a cast iron pan, on medium heat, melt the coconut oil.
Add the Jerusalem artichokes in a single layer in the pan.
Add a lid to the top of the pan (this helps cook them through) and fry on low heat for about 5 minutes until golden brown.
Add the sliced garlic and flip over the JA’s to brown the other side.
Cook another 5 minutes until golden brown.

Serve with a little coarse see salt.


super easy salad

I was running late today, just got home from the gym and had 30 minutes to shower, style my hair, get dressed and make this salad before heading to the office. What make this salad super easy for me, is that I stock my fridge with seasonal veggies, so I just pull out a variety that suit me and can whip up a healthy salad in minutes. Today’s variety of veg also included some leftover, cooked spaghetti squash I made on the weekend.
This salad was made from start to finish in about 20 minutes and it took that long because I’ve included the prep and cooking  time for the quinoa. The chopping of the veg, while the quinoa cooked, took about 5 minutes.
I guess what I’m trying to illustrate is that bringing your own nutritious lunch to work is doable, even when you’re pressed for time, if you stock your fridge with the right ingredients. (including leftovers!)

1/2 cup quinoa (cooked as per the package directions)

1 cup raw kale, chopped medium fine

1/2 yellow zucchini, julienned

1/4 a of cooked spaghetti squash

1/4 of a hot red pepper, minced

12 black olives, pits removed

2 cloves garlic, minced

1 tbsp olive oil

I prepared this right in my glass storage container, but you can also put all the ingredients into a bowl.

Scrape the ‘spaghetti’ from the squash into the storage container.
Add the garlic, olive oil, zucchini, olives and hot pepper and mix together.
Add the raw kale on top, but don’t mix it in. (this is because you’re going to add the hot quinoa on top of the kale and the heat will ‘cook’ the kale by the time you’re ready to eat your salad)
Add your quinoa on top.
Don’t mix together yet.
Put the lid on your storage container.
When you’re ready to eat your salad, mix everything together.
That’s it.
Told you it was super easy!

stunning Sunday at Leslieville Farmer’s Market!

tons of kale

beautiful broccoli tree display – STUNNING!

the Highmark Farm family are so nice and work so hard

baby pumpkins


garlic and parsnips

peppers, these are sweet, but they have hot ones too!

mushrooms and cranberry beans

lots of beans

carrots and potatoes

lots of tomatoes

love the colours!

I’d love to buy the whole bushel!