I sure love coconut oil and I have no problems remembering why

NutriSue - coconut oil

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love coconut oil. I use it for everything. For cooking, baking, instead of butter on bread, in smoothies, in soups and stews, as a skin cream, lip balm, to soothe my stomach if … Continue reading

resolution smoothie

NutriSue - resolution smoothi

My resolution for this new year is – to eat more kale. I chose a resolution that I could put my heart into. One that would most probably have a positive outcome. No use choosing something that will be difficult … Continue reading

homemade candied ginger

NutriSue - candied ginger

  The wonderful thing about taking the time to make homemade candied ginger, aside from the fact that you know exactly what’s going into it (no sulphites, which are often added to store bought dried ginger), are all the delicious … Continue reading