old canning jars

NutriSue - old canning jars I was lucky enough to have some new, old jars donated to me the other day. I also found some on someone’s front lawn that they were throwing out. I did a bit of research online and I can see that others are just as obsessed with these jars as I am. I have to be careful as this obsession could start taking up a lot of room in my house! I use some of these jars for my preserved fruits and vegetables. The ones that I know I will use up in a few weeks. NutriSue - dehydrated tomatoes The oldest jar with a date is dated 1932. I think the blue one pictured is older, although it has no date stamp. Some have air bubbles, some don’t. I even have a box of old Viceroy rubber rings, although I think the rubber is shot and I would need to purchase new ones. NutriSue - Viceroy rubber ringsHere are a few questions I have about these old jars:

  1. Are these jars safe to use for canning?
  2. Where would I find new rubber rings for these jars?
  3. Where can I purchase new metal screw bands?

Here’s a link I found to date Bell jars – Dating Bell Jars  and one for Canning Jars of Canada. Do you collect old canning jars? What’s your oldest jar or favourite jar? Do you actually use them for canning?


3 thoughts on “old canning jars

  1. My sister moved to Port Hope 25 years ago and there was an old bathtub in the barn FULL of these old mason jars. They are mostly all dated on the bottom with the year they were made. Some of them dating back to the 30’s. I have quite a few and give them to friends for their birthday if I can find one with their birth year on it. I wish I had a photo of the old tub in the old barn full of the jars.

      • I have asked a reliable source and it seems these are not good for preserves/canning. The vacuum seal of contemporary lids is preferable. I found rubber rounds but they are a bit too small for the old jars. I use mine for dried herbs and dried tomatoes.

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