prescription strength peppermint nanaimo bars

NutriSue - prescription strength nanaimo bars NutriSue - prescription strength nanaimo bars NutriSue - peppermint nanaimo bars These peppermint nanaimo bars come from my love of chocolate and peppermint together. Normally I don’t even like nanaimo bars, but I’ll make an exception for these. One thing I must say though, is that these are super sweet. I normally don’t like to make, eat or post things with this much sugar. But what the heck…as a treat once in a while. Just warning you , they taste really good and it’s hard to stop at one! (Don’t say I didn’t warn you)

prescription strength peppermint nanaimo bars

for the base:

1/2 cup raw almonds
1/2 cup walnuts
2/3 cup dates
1/4 cup good quality cocoa
pinch of salt

for the mint filling:
2 cups icing sugar (I use Wholesome Sweeteners brand organic icing sugar which is mixed with tapioca starch, not corn starch, Plus it’s fair trade!)
1/4 cup coconut oil
3-4 tsp coconut milk beverage
1 tsp pure peppermint extract

for the chocolate topping:
1 cup chocolate chips
1 tsp coconut oil

for the base:

  • soak the dates in hot water for 10 minutes, then drain well and set aside
  • in a food processor, process the almonds and walnuts until they are quite fine
  • add the dates to your food processor and process until smooth
  • add the cocoa powder and salt and pulse until everything is well combined
  • transfer this mixture into an 11 x 7 inch pan and smooth out evenly (I find placing a piece of parchment paper on the top of the mixture helps me smooth it out)
  • chill in the freezer while you make the filling

for the mint filling:

  • add the coconut oil and peppermint extract to a mixing bowl and using either an electric mixer or whisk, whip until the coconut oil is creamy
  • add the icing sugar and continue mixing until well combined
  • add the coconut milk beverage, one tsp at a time, stopping if  necessary, to scrape down the sides, until you reach the desired consistency (it should be quite stiff)
  • remove your pan from the freezer and spoon the mint filling on top of the base, spreading evenly
  • chill in the freezer while you make the chocolate topping

for the chocolate topping:

  • in a double boiler or pot set in simmering water, melt the chocolate chips and coconut oil
  • when melted, stir until the chocolate and coconut oil are well combined
  • remove your pan from the freezer and pour the melted chocolate mixture on top, smoothing it out evenly with an offset spatula or spoon

Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes, until the chocolate is set, and then cut into squares to serve. (if you find the chocolate is difficult to cut through, you can use a serrated knife, dipped in hot water to make cutting easier)


6 thoughts on “prescription strength peppermint nanaimo bars

  1. Oh my gosh, Sue, my mouth is watering just seeing these.
    I can’t wait to make them tomorrow. I’ll let you know how they go!

  2. I was craving peppermint patties last night – so I made them with your nanaimo bar filling! They were sooooooo good! I made a chocolate coating with melted coconut oil, agave syrup, vanilla extract and cacao powder then layered the peppermint then chocolate in a cupcake liner and refrigerated them.

    Thanks for inspiring me, yet again, to make delicious food, Sue!

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