not another Super Bowl snack…

NutriSue - sweet potato chips


NutriSue - sweet potato chips

It seems every blog I’ve read lately has been about Super Bowl snacks. My Super Bowl is not about football, but about raising funds for my neighbourhood farmer’s market. The one where I’m lucky enough to work with my communities’ kids, at my nutrition education table, as NutriSue. Tomorrow, Feb. 3rd, we’re having our second annual Souper Bowl (no spelling mistake there). It’s a pay-what-you-can fundraiser and the main attraction is not football – it’s 1 tonne of French onion soup! Last week, to start the prep for this giant undertaking, I along with other volunteers from the market, peeled and sliced a lot, no, a humungous amount of onions. (My hands still stink!). Because I don’t eat meat, and the soup is a classic, beef stock base, I decided to make myself a veggie snack to bring with me tomorrow while I help serve the soup.
I had a few left over raw sweet potatoes from the dog cookies I’m making for my buddies, so I sliced them very thin with my mandolin, tossed them in olive oil and dehydrated them. Sweet mama, I made delicious sweet potato chips. (Potato chips are one of my weaknesses and now I can still enjoy the spicy, crunchy goodness, but with a healthier version).

NutriSue - sweet potato chips

spicy, sweet potato chips
1 large or 2 medium sweet potatoes, peeled
enough olive oil to coat the slices
your favourite spices (I used curry and hot pepper)

  • using a mandolin or peeler, slice your sweet potatoes very thinly, they should fold over easily
  • put them into a large bowl and add your olive oil and spices
  • gently toss the sweet potato slices with the oil and spices
  • lay out single layers of the slices in your dehydrator and set it to 155ºF*
  • dehydrate for several hours until they’re completely dry
  • they should snap when you try to bend them

A guilt free treat!

* if you don’t have a dehydrator, an oven set to the lowest temperature will also work. Just add parchment paper to a baking sheet, add your slices and dry for about 2 hours or until crisp.

NutriSue - sweet potato chips


NutriSue - sweet potato chips

Oh, and if you have any suggestions for getting the onion smell off my hands, please share – I’m waking up in the middle of the night from nightmares about falling into a big pot of onion soup!


9 thoughts on “not another Super Bowl snack…

    • Hi Amber, there are a few reasons why your dehydrated goodies go soft in storage. It could be humidity. I know that when I dehydrate things in the summer, they do sometimes go soft. I store my dehydrated food in glass storage containers with locking lids or in mason jars with a screw top lid. I also find that dehydrating takes a bit of futzing with particular ingredients. I have the best results when I get a consistent thickness to put into the dehydrator. I also dehydrate until my end product is at the desired consistency. Some fruit I like a little soft (pineapple, kiwi), chips and crackers I like crisp. I keep them in the dehydrator until they snap when I bend them. Often I have the dehydrator going all day and then turn it to the lowest temperature for overnight drying. I also let my stuff sit in the dehydrator once I turn it off, for a bit to ‘cool’ off before storing the dried food. Hope this helps. Happy dehydrating!

      • Hi Sue, what colour is the inside of sweet potato? I saw some of the potato in the market that has a different colour, like white.

      • Hi Minh, the sweet potatoes that I am most familiar with have orange flesh (on the inside, and the peal is also dark orange). I have purchased less expensive sweet potatoes that have lighter flesh and orange peels, but have found,that when I cooked them, the flesh turned a greenish colour. I myself, have not seen them with white flesh, but there are so many varieties, I”m sure there are white ones too.

  1. Guess what. I fabricated them yesterday and it is delicious, spicy also. I guess I did put a little bit extra chili powder. Still, it is delicious with a capital D.
    P.S, I’m not mendacious.

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