my morning kick in the pants

NutriSue - loves lemons

Call me boring, but every morning, to start my day, I have the same thing. It’s not coffee, it’s not tea. I almost regret that it isn’t because coffee and tea shops seem to be everywhere and they’re such social places. A lot of coming and going, people scurrying to get their beverage of choice and racing off, or staying and chatting with friends.

Nope, for me, it’s water with lemon. That’s it,  simple. I like to start my day simply. It’s a gentle kick in the pants for me. It’s effects are not in-your-face, but magnificently working in the background.

Lemons are an excellent source of vitamin C and a good source of B6, potassium, folic acid flavonoids and the phytochemical limonene. Limonene, has been shown, in clinical trials to dissolve gallstones. Lemon juice stimulates hydrochloric acid production (which is important because our levels go down as we age). Its a gentle detoxifier, enhances digestion and elimination and helps the liver with fat metabolism and promotes the formation of bile. We generally think of lemons as being acidic because of their sour taste, but they actually have an alkalizing effect on the body. Which is great, because we should really eat a balanced diet of primarily alkaline foods. Some people say 80% of our diet should be made up of alkaline foods. Having an overly acid environment encourages the growth of disease and draws minerals from our cells.

Who would have thought – simple lemon juice with and water can do so much for us.

lemon juice with water

  • 1 organic lemon – I recommend organic because conventional lemons may have pesticides stored in the skin and are often waxed to prevent bruising during shipping (if lemon water is new to you you can start off with a quarter or an eighth of a lemon until you get used to it)
  • 8 – 12 ounces of room-temperature, filtered water

for the lemon:
wash it
roll it – this breaks up the little ‘juice sacs’ so that you get out all the juice
ream it – using a reamer, squeeze out the lemon juice
You can ream the lemon juice right into the water.

I usually drink this about 20 – 30 minutes before breakfast to stimulate my digestive juices.

As I’m sipping my lemon water, I’m wondering; will anyone ever open up a chain of lemon water ‘cafes’. What do you think? Is it the next trend?!


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