maximizing your detox

I’m sure many people are embarking on a detox as part of their New Year’s resolutions. It’s hard not to think of this being a good time to do one, especially looking back on what we consumed over the last few weeks.

And just check out any website or blog, we’re bombarded by suggestions to do one. I came across one ‘health’ site that had over 100 links to different detoxes. 100, I’m not kidding!

I’ve done detoxes myself, but I’m not here to tell you how to do one, when the best time is, which method to use or even if it’s beneficial.

I just wanted to offer a suggestion on how you might maximize the effort if you’re doing one. Eliminate or at least cut down on household cleaning products and body care products that are loaded with chemicals and toxins.

Doing a detox isn’t just about changing your diet. Your body needs help getting rid of all of the toxins and chemicals we absorb. So if you’re changing your diet as part of your detox, but you’re still using chemicals and toxins on your body and in your home you’re kind of defeating the purpose.

I have a really simple recipe to get you started. It has only 2 ingredients, that you probably have on hand, and is great for cleaning windows, ceramic, stainless, etc. I use it a lot!

NutriSue - natural glass cleaner

homemade glass cleaner
Makes a general window cleaner. Vinegar removes film from glass surfaces and leaves the windows free of streaks and smudges.

2 cups vinegar

2 cups water

  • pour the ingredients into a spray bottle
  • spray the solution onto windows (or other surfaces) and then wipe the surface clean with a lint-free cloth


It’s as simple as that. No toxins, and it’s really inexpensive to make.




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