homemade candied ginger


NutriSue - candied ginger

The wonderful thing about taking the time to make homemade candied ginger, aside from the fact that you know exactly what’s going into it (no sulphites, which are often added to store bought dried ginger), are all the delicious by products.
When you make it you end up with the candied ginger, plus, ginger water, ginger syrup and ginger sugar.

The ginger water is so good, hot or cold, as a tea with a bit of the ginger syrup. Nice and spicy!
The ginger water with some syrup and sparkling water makes homemade ginger ale.
Ginger sugar you can add to baking or as a sweetener for tea or anything else that needs a bit of zippy sweetness!
The ginger syrup, don’t even get me started on this golden elixir – delicious on pancakes, in curry recipes or straight off the spoon onto your tongue…

It takes some time to scrape all the skin off the ginger, cook it, strain it, cook it again and then sugar it, but it is so worth it.

I think if I was stranded on a desert island I’d want my candied ginger and all it’s goodness with me!

NutriSue - candied ginger

homemade candied ginger

2 fairly large pieces (3 inches) organic ginger peeled and sliced very thinly (here’s a trick for removing the skin – use the back of a measuring spoon or a serrated steak knife to scrape off the skin)

2 cups organic cane sugar

2 cups filtered water

a pinch of salt

extra sugar for coating if desired

  • add the sliced ginger to a pot of water that just covers the ginger and allow it to reach a boil
  • reduce the heat to a simmer and let it cook for 10 minutes
  • drain the ginger and repeat this process, this takes away some of the heat from the ginger, otherwise it’s just way too spicy hot! (I save this cooking water and use it for a spicy tea!)
  • mix the water and sugar in a medium sized pot with a pinch of salt and add the ginger slices
  • cook on medium heat, until the sugar is like a runny honey and is a medium golden brown colour, about 20-25 minutes
  • you can also test with a candy thermometer – the temperature should be 225°.
  • remove the pot from the heat and let the ginger, sugar mixture sit for at least an hour or until cool. (Be careful, hot sugar can burn you quite severely). You can store the ginger in it’s syrup in the refrigerator for up to a year
  • alternatively, if you want to coat the ginger with sugar, drain it well while the ginger is still hot to remove the excess syrup (save the syrup, it’s great in and on so many things like pancakes, in your tea, on a spoon, you know what I’m talking about!) and coat the slices in organic cane sugar
  • shake off the excess sugar and place on a cooling rack overnight or until it’s dry
  • once it’s dry, store it in an air tight container or grind a bit of it in your food processor. Add some cane sugar to the ground, candied ginger and you have ginger sugar!

The candied ginger is great as a little nibble or in your favourite tea! Plus you have the ginger water, ginger syrup and ginger sugar for endless ginger infused possibilities!

NutriSue - candied ginger


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