the most delicious beet salad -EVER!

NutriSue - best-ever beet saladWhy was it the best beet salad?
Because the beets came from my garden, and it’s my first time growing them!
I waited a long time to finally get this first beet. I’d check the garden every day, and even pulled up some of the beets to see if there was any action beneath the leafy greens. For weeks and weeks – NOTHING.
The beet greens I pulled up I used for juicing or salads, but I longed for a beautiful crimson beet.
I wondered if maybe some creature was eating the beets.
Yesterday, I checked again, and…
There, starting to peek out of the ground was a beet!
I plucked it out, admired it and photographed it.
Here is my first home grown beet – EVER!
NutriSue - first beet from the garden

Best Beet Salad

  • fresh beets, including the beet greens, washed – peel and slice the beets, julienne the greens
  • small onion, diced
  • garlic cloves, minced
  • apple cider vinegar or if you’re lucky like me, Sarah’s concord grape vinegar ( I picked the grapes last fall and she made the vinegar – I just got a jar and had to try it – delicious!)
  • grainy mustardadjust all of these ingredients to the number of people you’re serving and how many beets you have

To a mason jar, with a lid, add the oil, vinegar and mustard and shake till everything is well combined.
Add the remaining ingredients to a bowl.
Add the dressing and toss till all the beets and greens are glistening with dressing.
So simple and so delicious.
NutriSue - best ever beet salad


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