sumac ‘lemonade’

NutriSue - sumac 'lemonade'

I was out foraging with a friend and she taught me how to make ‘lemonade’ out of sumac.

If you gently lick a sumac ‘plume’ (actually called a sumac bob), you can definitely see how this is possible. It has a lovely sour taste.

To make the sumac lemonade:

I used about a dozen sumac bobs, a litre of filtered water and about 1/4 cup of raw agave (use your favourite sweetener to taste).

Rub and gently squish the bobs into the filtered water and let them sit in the water for 15 – 20 minutes.

Strain the water with a fine colander or cheese cloth.
Add your sweetener.
Serve over ice in a tall glass.

Very refreshing on a hot day!

Take care to identify sumac correctly.
Some varieties of sumac can be very toxic.
Sumac with smooth white berries, toothless leaves, which usually grows in or near swamps is poisonous.


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