a bag + some beans + kids = bean dip (and loads of fun!)

What a great day we had on Sunday making bean dip with the kids at the market!
A few simple ingredients turned into plenty of laughter, good fun and even some delicious bean dip. The kids were so into it, smashing the beans in the bag as well as the garlic in the mortar and pestle. 
Who knew that just a few simple, whole food ingredients could turn into such an adventure! 

Here’s how we did it:

  • we used a few cloves of peeled garlic (we were so lucky that we had garlic from The Cutting Veg – it was Persian garlic, they grow approximately twenty varieties from various places in the world), with a bit of salt and  the kids smashed it in the mortar and pestle to make a paste
  • then the kids added between 5 and 10 spoons of cooked navy beans into a large ziploc freezer bag
  • to this we added some olive oil and the garlic paste
  • in went some herbs and other ingredients (I’ve listed the recipes below) and the smashing began. There were some great sound effects and karate chops as the kids smashed all the beans until no beans were visible
  • the bean dip was emptied from the freezer bag into bowls and everyone enjoyed some samples, dipping cut vegetables into the dip
The basic recipe:
all the recipes included:
garlic (a few cloves and a sprinkle of salt smashed into a paste)
olive oil (about 2 tbsp.)
cooked navy beans (about 1 cup)
For dipping we used:
cherry tomatoes
yellow and green zucchinis
red, yellow and orange bell peppers
The variations:
Bean Dip #1 – the peach adds a nice natural sweetness
fresh, chopped basil (about 3 large leaves)
1/4 of a fresh peach, diced
Bean Dip #2
fresh, chopped sage (about 3 leaves)
1/4 of a fresh yellow pepper, seeded and diced
Bean Dip #3
fresh, chopped oregano (1 large stem, leaves removed)
2 inches of cucumber, diced fine
4 cherry tomatoes, diced fine
rounded out with a few sprinkles of cherry wood smoked sea salt (optional)

preparing the vegetables for dipping

let the smashing begin!

sampling the bean dip

more sampling

the bean dip


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