storage of flax products

Flax Oil

Because flax oil is an unsaturated, highly delicate oil, it should be kept refrigerated (and always buy flax oil that has been kept refrigerated in the store), stored in a dark opaque bottle and tightly capped, opening it only when in use.

This will help protect your oil from becoming rancid.

Always smell and taste all oils before use. If an oil smells like oil paint or leaves a scratchy sensation in the back of your throat, it has become rancid and should be discarded.

Flax oil should be purchased in amounts that can be used within approximately one month. This will help keep the oil from becoming rancid.

Flax oil sold in opaque, gel caps are more stable than flax oil sold as a bulk liquid.

When refrigerated, these capsules will usually remain stable for at least six months, and it’s usually not problematic if the retailer has left them on the shelf at room temperature before you purchased them.

Flax Seeds

One of the best ways to benefit from flax seeds is to buy whole organic seeds and grind them in a coffee grinder right before use.

This will not only help to preserve the quality of the oil found in the flax seeds and reduce the likelihood of rancidity, but it will also provide you with the much broader benefits of a whole natural food.

Flax seeds contain a wide variety of nutrients in addition to their oils, including lignins, fibers, vitamins, minerals and other key phytonutrients.


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